Non Medical Fabric Face Mask

I have designed this non medical fabric face mask following the Coronavirus pandemic, as stocks of surgical masks are limited (and should be available to those on the frontline). I have researched the potential difference wearing a homemade mask could have. According to SmartAirFilters.Com reusing t-shirts or tea towels, a two layered design could make circa 70% difference, compared to 97% if a surgical mask is worn. Still a huge improvement against not wearing a mask.

The pattern can be hand or machine sewn and takes approximately an hour. An hour well spent, if it helps prevent the spread of Covid-19.

As the face mask uses very little fabric, several mask can be made from one adult t-shirt or a tea towel. Fabric Face Mask

Stay safe everyone and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Clare x


New year, big challenge

Hello, I am so pleased with the challenge I have set myself for 2020. I am aiming to make all my clothes, excluding underwear. I have achieved making the Tilly and the Buttons Ness Skirt, previously shown on Begin as I mean to go on… post

The skirt taught me to be less generous on my sizing. I thought I needed to make the waist larger than my size (why believe the measurements written down), but pull the hips in to my measured size. Obviously (it is now it’s made), the waist is to big, which gives a weird shape to the hips. All the sewing magazines, books, professionals make this clear, why I didn’t follow this basic advice is beyond me (now!).

Tilly and the Buttons Ness Skirt (waist band hidden in picture)

Feeling confident to continue, I had a Simplicity New Look pattern K6471 (free with Sew Magazine) and some beautiful insect print fabric (source unknown, other than the back of the cupboard).

Simplicity Pattern K6471 and Insect Print Fabric

Using the lessons learnt from the skirt, I used my measurements and wanted to make Option D the long sleeved top. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough fabric, so changed to Option C.

This top is a quick make, however as I work full time and occasionally have to stay away, family commitments and life getting between me and my sewing room, it took me a couple of weeks.

The completed top is so very pretty and I am very proud to wear it. From the lovely people I work with, I also received lots of compliments too.

Confidence soaring, I am now planning a dress and another top. I am also tempted to enter Dressmaker of the Year 2020.

Thank you for your time, would love to receive your feedback. Please check out the website, where you can contact me or just subscribe.

I will keep you updated with the challenge and I might film a make, just not sure if I am brave enough yet!

Love Clare x

Begin as I mean to go on…

Happy New Year to you, wishing you a prosperous and healthy 2020.

During the Christmas period I have enjoyed making some more newborn baby beanie hats for the local hospital.

Newborn Beanie Hats

In addition, I have set myself the goal for 2020 to sew a variety of clothing for me to wear. This has been inspired by several people I follow on Instagram (Tilly and the Buttons and Leah Nicholls (sewsewleah)). I have started with the Tilly and the Buttons Ness skirt, short version in turquoise baby cord.

There were some technical issues, I had used all my interfacing on the makeup bag gift sets, so had to patch enough to cover the fabric required. Also, my Brother sewing machine decided to through a wobble and the thread from the bobbin kept jamming. All resolved now, phew.

Completed Ness Skirt

Having completed my first item of clothing on the first day of the new month, year and decade, I shall begin as I mean to go on.

Altering patterns and getting a good fit is still an area that I need to improve on, the more I make the better (fingers crossed) this will be. I am determined to learn from everything I make.

So along with the tote bags, makeup bag gift sets and new items I will be selling, there will be more updates on the Me Made Wardrobe.

Thank you for your support. Clare x

Christmas is coming….


Once again I must apologise for the lack of posts, however I have been lucky enough to receive several large orders for the makeup bag gift sets and this has kept me very busy.

Makeup Bag Gift Sets

The bumble bee fabric has proved very popular, along with the prosecco design. I also had an evening of making a whole herd of zebra print bags, using all this fabric up, so these will not be available until the new year. Orders still being taken, so please contact me via the website

Zebra Print Makeup Bag (Large)

In addition, we have had weekends away seeing family and friends, which is fabulous, but eats into the craft time.

The sewing room has also had a bit of a make over, losing the chest of drawers and installing more of the Ikea Kallax range of shelving units. Further updates will be added to the website soon. Unfortunately, Doris (the mannequin) needs a change of clothes, as she is mainly the bag lady, holding orders/stock and wearing a draft of a vintage Vogue pattern I was working on.

Revamping the Sewing Room

I will be back in the new year, but would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas a massive thank you to all my customers and followers on all the media forums. Clare xx

Fabulous Week

Good evening all, hope you are well. I have had a fabulous week, making more of the Newborn Baby Beanie Hats for the local hospital and attending the Knitting and Stitching Show on Saturday at Alexandra Palace in London.

I bagged some beautiful Bio Laminated fabrics from Sewing Sanctuary, hedgehogs and dachshunds, more makeup bag gift sets will be available soon. Please contact me if you would like to pre-order.

Sewing Sanctuary Bio-Laminated fabric

The Arty Crafty Place have so many amazing blocks and paints, that resistance was futile and two new blocks, including a retro sewing machine and three paints purchased, before I regained my self control and walked away from their stand (with a big smile on my face).

The Arty Crafty Place Goodies

I enjoyed chatting with Kerry Lord from Toft UK whilst getting the new book I bought for my sister-in-laws birthday signed and receiving a special limited edition patch (also personally signed) was a bonus. Tilly Walnes from Tilly and the Buttons assisted with fabric requirements so I could purchase some turquoise needle cord material to make the Ness skirt, a pattern I treated myself to, from last years show.

Turquoise needle cord fabric, Toft patch and Daisy and Grace triangle template

Lastly, but not least, I loved the quilted hanging Christmas trees and couldn’t resist the template from Daisy and Grace to add to my Christmas decoration range. Again, please contact me at to pre order.

As I said, fantastic week, broadband is still an issue, but fingers crossed it won’t be long before it’s fixed.

Please visit my website and follow me. I will be posting about all the new items as they are made. Clare x

Newborn Baby Beanie Hats

What a week, broadband still not working, but I have had several enquiries for specific designs of the makeup bag gift sets, adding a zipped pocket to a sweatshirt and 2 pink and 2 blue knitted hats for newborn babies.

The enquiry for the baby hats were actually for a donation to the local hospital. For personal reasons from my customer they wanted to give something back, as they had received fabulous care whilst having their own baby. They were told that there was a shortage of newborn beanie hats.

Using good quality Paintbox 100% cotton yarn in bubblegum pink, I cast on some stitches, making up the pattern as I went. It wasn’t long before the little beanie hat was knitted and just required sewing up.

I will continue making these throughout the coming week, in bubblegum pink and duck egg blue.

Hope you have a good week. Thank you for your time. Please visit, which I am updating regularly (broadband dependent!). Clare x

Bee-autiful Gift Set

Hello to you all. As you maybe aware, I have been having a nightmare with my broadband service, which still isn’t working a month after reporting the fault. However, the sewing machine is.

I have just completed the bumblebee design makeup bag gift set. Making fabulous Christmas presents or just an amazing gift.

I love the simple design of the pvc fabric and the funky bright yellow zips. The large bag is approximately 26cm long, 11cm high and 7cm deep. The small bag is approximately 13cm long, 11cm high and 7cm deep.

These makeup bags/zipped pouches are available in several designs, as a set for £15.00 per set, or as individual items. The large bags are £10.50 each and the small bags are £7.00 each. All are dispatched with free of charge postage. Visit

Have a good week and bee happy 🐝 Clare x

Broadband, taken for granted

Forgive me for not posting recently, but due to the incompetence of British Telecom, I am struggling to upload anything. Our Broadband hasn’t worked properly since the end of August 🙄

Today it is taken for granted that all technology will just be there when we need it, but it is the most frustrating experience when it isn’t working!

However, I have been busy, completing the secret project, which will be revealed soon and purchasing more pvc fabric to make more makeup bag sets (£15.00 per set), ready for the Christmas orders (fingers crossed). Please visit

Please contact me if you would like to place an order for sets in the above fabrics or have any bespoke requests

Thank you for your patience and let’s hope BT can resolve the issues by the end of next week 🤞🏻Clare x

Lack of Crafting

Being employed in a full time position, although very enjoyable and a new challenge, has definitely impacted on my time in the sewing room. So, the plan for the weekend was to visit family and friends on Saturday and spend all day Sunday sewing and crafting.

However, my eldest daughter celebrated her birthday on Friday and we had the absolute privilege having our gorgeous 16 week old granddaughter for a sleepover.

The Beautiful Robyn Rose

In addition, my other daughter came to visit on Sunday and decided to stay over, which was fabulous having some quality time together.. Our sons were at the football on Saturday, but enjoyed speaking to them over the weekend too.

So, the sewing is now happening in the evenings, which is very stop-start-stop-start and the creative juices aren’t flowing so generously. The journey is continuing and hopefully the Christmas orders will start increasing. These makeup bag gift sets are definitely proving popular at £15.00 per set, with more fabric choices available from 23rd September.

Please check out my website and follow me on Twitter @NeedlezNPinz Facebook @needlezn.pinz.71 Instragram @needleznpinz2017

Have a great week. From Clare x

Happy September

I have had a change of circumstances and once again I am employed. This means less time in the sewing room, but time spent in there will definitely be more effective.

I am working on a project for a friend, that is a bespoke design for their business. Can’t reveal anymore at the moment, but very exciting times!

Also, very pleased with my new business cards that arrived this week too.

In the meantime, please visit my website ( as I am still adding to it, following the rebuild.

Thank you for your time. Clare