Newborn Baby Beanie Hats

What a week, broadband still not working, but I have had several enquiries for specific designs of the makeup bag gift sets, adding a zipped pocket to a sweatshirt and 2 pink and 2 blue knitted hats for newborn babies.

The enquiry for the baby hats were actually for a donation to the local hospital. For personal reasons from my customer they wanted to give something back, as they had received fabulous care whilst having their own baby. They were told that there was a shortage of newborn beanie hats.

Using good quality Paintbox 100% cotton yarn in bubblegum pink, I cast on some stitches, making up the pattern as I went. It wasn’t long before the little beanie hat was knitted and just required sewing up.

I will continue making these throughout the coming week, in bubblegum pink and duck egg blue.

Hope you have a good week. Thank you for your time. Please visit, which I am updating regularly (broadband dependent!). Clare x


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By week days I am a Quantity Surveyor and at all other times I am sewing, knitting or crocheting, even on the banks of lakes whilst fishing (a little diverse, I know) My Mum taught me to knit at a young age, in fact, I can't remember not being able to knit. I started knitting dolls clothes and they required sewing. I was keen to develop my skills and went on to learn cross stitch and embroidery, but sewing clothing, bags, home furnishings and quilting are my absolute passion.

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